Kelly Chambers smiling and posing with three young women at a county meeting
Kelly Chambers and her husband holding their infant granddaughter
Kelly Chambers sitting behind a desk at a county meeting

Endorsements For

Kelly Chambers

Bruce Dammeier, Pierce County Executive

Kelly has the life experience, small business know-how, and public service effectiveness to lead Pierce County. She is the leader our community needs!

Bruce Dammeier,

Pierce County Executive

Dave Reichert, U.S. Congress (Retired)

Kelly is a dedicated public servant with a proven track record of advocating for the safety and well-being of our communities. I have full confidence that she will continue to prioritize public safety and work tirelessly to make Pierce County a safer place for everyone.

Dave Reichert,

U.S. Congress (Retired)

Andrew Barkis, State Representative

I've seen firsthand the passion and dedication Kelly brings to everything she does. Her commitment to our community and drive to make a positive impact are truly inspiring. I wholeheartedly endorse Kelly Chambers for Pierce County Executive, knowing that her vision and leadership will create a brighter future for us all.

Andrew Barkis,

State Representative

Spencer Hutchins, State Representative

Kelly is passionate about serving our community and dedicated to bringing people together for a common purpose. She blends an insightful mind on law and policy with a compassionate heart to do what is right for all people. She understands us, cares about all of us, and she knows how to lead. I am honored and proud to support my friend Kelly Chambers, the Executive we need in Pierce County.

Spencer Hutchins,

State Representative

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As a community advocate and mobilization specialist for over 35 years, trusted relationships and collaborations are paramount for creating positive community change. Listening to and considering others is the foundation of sustainable relationships and partnerships. Kelly embodies these skills and she understands and respects the power of diverse ideas and thoughts. She navigates to improve our communities in ways that benefit everyone. Kelly embraces inclusivity as she strives in her endeavors to improve our communities and the world.

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- Charles Carson, Community Leader

Peter Abbarno, State Representative

Don Anderson, Lakewood City Mayor

Michelle Caldier, State Representative

Terry Carter, Bonney Lake City Mayor

Greg Cheney, State Representative

April Connors, State Representative

Chris Corry, State Representative

Travis Couture, State Representative

Tom Dent, State Representative

Carolyn Eslick, State Representative

Chris Gildon, State Senator

Renee Gilliam, Puyallup City Council Member

Keith Goehner, State Representative

Dan Griffey, State Representative

Paul Harris, State Representative

Paul Herrera, Pierce County Council Member

Cyndy Jacobsen, State Representative

Dean Johnson, Puyallup City Council Member

Jim Kastama, Puyallup City Council Member

Dennis King, Puyallup City Council Member

Mark Klicker, State Representative

Joel Kretz, State Representative

Sam Low, State Representative

Tracie Markley, Gig Harbor City Mayor

Jacquelin Maycumber, State Representative

Stephanie McClintock, State Representative

Gretchen Miles, Puyallup School Board

Dave Morell, Pierce County Council Member

David Olson, Peninsula School Board

Ed Orcutt, State Representative

Paul Pastor, Pierce County Sheriff

Doug Richardson, Pierce County Council Member

Dan Roach, Bonney Lake City Mayor

Pam Roach, Pierce County Council Member

Eric Robertson, State Representative

Joseph Romero, Puyallup School Board

Skyler Rude, State Representative

Suzanne Schmidt, State Representative

Mike Steele, State Representative

Drew Stokesbary, State Representative

Joe Stortini, Pierce County Executive

Ed Troyer, Pierce County Sheriff

Mike Volz, State Representative

Jim Walsh, State Representative

Kevin Waters, State Representative

J. T. Wilcox, State Representative

Kristen Wynne, Community Leader

Alex Ybarra, State Representative