Meet Kelly Chambers

Mother | Grandmother | Business Owner | Advocate

Family photo of Kelly Chambers with husband, two children and their significant others, with an infant and a dog outside
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My goal is to provide new, exciting opportunities for everyone in Pierce County. Together, we'll make our county the best it can be.

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Kelly Chambers has the experience and drive to take Pierce County to the next level. She’s the first member of her family to go to college, start a business, and be elected to public office.

As a proud mother and community member who deeply appreciates our unique county, Kelly Chambers is dedicated to making our futures brighter.


Seeking Knowledge,
Finding Solutions

Kelly Chambers never stops learning. When there's a problem, Kelly gets educated on the issue and solves it. That's one of the reasons why she's succeeded in business and public service.

Kelly is deeply thankful for her education and the fantastic teachers who taught her. As our county executive, Kelly will expand and strengthen our education system and career training options so Pierce County residents can continue bettering themselves and find jobs they love.


in Business

Kelly Chambers is a successful local business owner who knows what it takes to employ people and turn a profit. With owning Visiting Angels, Kelly knows what it takes to care and have compassion for our community. As a business owner, Kelly understands the responsibility of running a business and what it means to be a part of our community.

As our county executive, Kelly will make full use of her private sector experience. She'll prioritize making it easier to start a business and promote entrepreneurship to strengthen our economy and keep our community vibrant.


Pierce County

Kelly Chambers currently represents the 25th district in the Washington House of Representatives. She's been a voice for Pierce County families and businesses in Olympia—now she's the leader we need to take the reins in Tacoma.

During her time as state representative, Kelly Chambers has established herself as an effective, hard-working advocate for Pierce County as well as the vulnerable members of our community. We can expect no less from Kelly as our county executive.